Whether we are building a personal or a working relationship we want to create a place we call home.  When we consciously construct an environment that allows us to uniquely be ourselves and bring our innermost strengths to the table, we are at “home.”

     We are most successful when we are in our element and are working from a place of strength.  Companies and businesses that are mindful of this human quality gain respect and longevity.  

     Companies generally hire with the plan of retention so as not to waste resources.  The concept of sustainability is ever present today in most work environments.  Armed with the knowledge of how each employee is wired and the circuitry of values that define and energize each individual, allows employers to develop a company from a position of strength.  Building a team based upon individual contribution creates the opportunity to efficiently generate an energy flow that isn’t blocked by cumbersome obstacles, or confused and misguided efforts.  

     Understanding the value each individual can bring to a team allows for the unencumbered utilization of ability and can support each person being of service to the company.  Most people feel enriched when they are allowed to serve in a manner in which they experience contribution and affiliation to others, this can only happen if they are allowed to work at their peak performance.  

     Companies succeed when they have a clear vision of who they are and what uniquely makes them stand out from their competition.  This unique understanding and ability to clearly define the company’s mission are interwoven at every level of operation from the employees chosen to portray the company image to the external or personal brand that is stamped on the company to distinctly make its mark in the world.  

     Why Core Values Help Successfully Define a Company:

  1. The core values determine the uniqueness of the company and distinguish what makes it different from other companies.
  2. The core values support alignment and personal commitment from employees.
  3. Core values communicate what is important within the company.
  4. Core values influence behavior in an aspirational manner.
  5. Core values inspire people to behave at the expected level and inspire them to reach the stated values.
  6. Having clearly identified and stated values that employees understand and know contributes to the success of the company.
  7. Core values help to shape the culture of a company!

     When you assess your business from the inside out, do these core values consistently follow through every level of operation?  If not, perhaps it is time to engage in examining the values your business has aligned with to ensure you are consistently creating the image you would choose to portray.  If you want a sustainable business, to hire and retain peak performers, and uniquely stamp your personal brand on your business; then focus on your core values that define your business!

     Gaining a deeper understanding your employees will improve your business, by creating a reciprocal energy between employer and employee.  This will only happen if you communicate the respect you have for their unique contribution they make to your company.  

     If you haven’t taken the time to get to know your employees at this deep level; today is the day!  Send the message that will generate support, dynamic relationships, leadership choices, and the highest level of contribution possible within your company.  

     Take action today and the model of leadership you want to create for your business.  


     Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., BCC
405 A St. Ste #21
Springfield, OR 97477