When you strip away all the material things that define us in life and get down to the bare bones basics; there are specific values that matter to us personally and define us individually.  Each of us has a defining core value that is our strength: Love, Wisdom, Power, or Knowledge.  These strengths lead and guide us through life.  They are our filter through which we view each and every situation.  These values are the four pillars that create a foundation of strength and resiliency in life.  We do not possess each of the four values in equal commodity, but through our relationships, we create and choose to partner with others who generate strength in areas that may not be our strengths and together we create balance.  

     The value that we most resonate with is catalyzed by a specific energy to bring us to an underlying force or drive.  Those who hold the core value of love are energized to bring truth to each and every situation.  Those guided by wisdom seek to bring compassion to each situation with an open respect for each individual difference.  Individuals who are invested in bringing power (action/results) offer a positive difference to all situations and are moved by the faith they have in their ability to know what to do, which path to follow, and that they will have sufficient strength to do it.  The individual who is guided to find the facts provide proof and dogged research will bring the strength of knowledge.  They are invested in ensuring justice will be available in equal opportunity and that all will be able to access it, the necessary information, and will provide accountability to ensure this happens.  

     The Four Core Values:

Love: Working toward an inspired vision of what can be by nurturing the core value in self and others.
Wisdom: Seeing the way things are and discerning what to do about it.
Power: Personal energy invested to make a positive difference.

Knowledge:  Knowing the facts through research, measurement, proof, and information.


     When our personal energy is utilized to catalyze positive choices that bring meaningful outcomes, we create life balance; which provides the benefit of security with healthy limits and boundaries.  We come to create and choose this balance through the manner in which we relate to significant others.  These values are delicately woven in the thread of each and every relationship we choose to pursue and develop.  Together we create a synergy and give each other strength.  Through these bonds, we form resiliency.  

    The Driving (Catalyst) Values:

Truth:           The way things are.
Compassion: Remaining empathetic and curious regardless of the behavior and emotions of others.  
Faith:            Knowing what to do in the present, having a clear plan of what to do next, and feeling
                     confident in the ability to orchestrate change.  
Justice:         Ensuring the equal access of information, accountability, compensation, and opportunity.
      These values allow us to form social affiliation, unite, and create community.  These values are the highest societal values that generate humanity and secure environments to live and thrive.  By creating consistently secure places of being we form and develop our personal life forces or energy source that catalyzes us to change and grow.  We have the ability to create options and make choices that are congruent and conform with our internal vision of health.  When we consistently choose health, we live with integrity and authenticity.  When we choose to be the best version of ourselves, we uniquely contribute and bring value to all our relationships.     If you would like to know more about yourself and the relationships you have chosen, then you would benefit from completing a Full Core Values Index™ assessment.   If you find you could benefit from learning more about yourself, become more present in life, and develop mindfulness surrounding your personal or work relationships, contact:

Clare E. Steffen, Ed.D., BCC
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I look forward to getting to know you personally and moving alongside you through your exploration of gaining a deeper understanding of the values that define you!  Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., BCC